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Giới thiệu LOÀI CHIM DU MỤC ** Truyền hình IBC 57.8 ** Loài chim du mục ** Xa lộ những người mù ** The Blinds' Freeway ** Khi tôi ra đời ** Vượt rừng ** Cánh dù trên lưng trời ** Cánh Hoa Lài trên tỉnh lộ ** Sâu tò vò ** Đồi vàng ** Tố Quyên ** Hòn Kẽm Đá Dừng ** Khoai chói ** Cây Vông Đồng ** Những kiều nữ tên On ** Hai bóng người trên lưng đồi ** Về Đại Lãnh ** Cỗ xe bò thế kỷ 25 ** Tiếng chim hót bên kia bờ giậu ** Loài chim Các quan bó buộc ** Túp lều của người ho lao ** Ngày vàng qua Nghi Hạ ** Ngày Đình Chiến ** Con chó vàng trên miền cát trắng ** Con suối và cây mù u ** Bụi Đinh lăng ** Mây bay trên đồng cỏ ** Đám lúa bên bờ mương ** Ngày ông tôi còn sống ** Con đường có hai hàng cây sao ** Bóng người trong đêm trên chiếc cầu gãy ** Trên đường qua Phú Toản ** Đối thoại của hai dòng sông ** Người phu khuân vác và dòng sông nước lợ ** Thung lũng Bình Huề ** Và tháng sáu đi về qua Bảo Lộc ** Dòng sông ba giờ sáng ** Những viên bi làm từ đá đường rầy ** Khu rừng tanh nùi máu ** Người làm vườn và cánh đồng nước lũ ** Cây trâm cjanh dòng sông ** Người gánh nước giếng ** Đám lúa nếp ven rừng ** Đàn kiến và chim tu hú ** Những con chim dồng dộc ** Những ngôi mộ đá ong ** Đường rây không tài chạy ** Hai chiều nghịch dấu
Dinh Song

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The Blinds' Freeway
The Blinds’ Freeway

– To mark the 40th Anniversary of the United States Jew-controlled government turning its back on South Vietnam.
– To mark the 20th Anniversary of the United States Jew-controlled government normalizing its diplomatic relations with the Hanoi Communist Regime.
** Destinations: (1)The White House (2) The U.S. Embassy in Vietnam
In lieu of a PROTEST.

In one hand, the Judas holds a red flag
While embracing despotisms with the other.
They contrive to abrogate humanity;
Hideous morons going under the Eagle’s umbrella silhouette.
From North America to the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Ocean,
Sordid mercantilists are incarnadining the globe.
Plutocrats using money for blood;
Their lackeys using blood for money.

They sold out the South forty years ago,
And throughout those forty years,
They have continued giving the kiss of life
To our country’s bloodsucking criminals.
Take a close look at the forty-year-old, North-powered subjugation.
Forty years of their domination over the South.
Their forty-year-old ignominious itinerary
Is an attempt to ransack the entire country at their discretion,
Blanketing the regime’s quagmire with construction stones;
Disguising their monkey nature with foreign loans;
Incurring more blood debt with a red flag;
Concealing a human junkyard with a yellow star;
A product of uneducated racketeers,
Sino-American bastards.
They strangle unarmed people with their “revolutionary heroism”,
Suppressing and putting patriots in jail,
Selling sex and their country out for their own vanity.
They call themselves “humanity’s wisdom pinnacle”,
Curtaining a doctrine of violence with this boastful rag.
As national traitors on self-assigned throne,
With the whole nation on hand,
They pay tribute to Zhongnanhai.
They devour most resources of the S-shaped skinny land
Before vomiting the rest out
For Jewish plutocrats to rack up as they please,
With such signboards as “cooperation” and “alliance”,
Through such stratagems as “investments” which, in fact,
Mean both milk and marrow are squeezed from our country.
Those plutocrats are taking in Vietcong special agents
Waiting for a general attack signal.
It’s a bullet hitting two targets simultaneously:
On the one hand, domestically in Vietnam,
The refugee community; on the other hand, abroad.
By one stone, they kill two birds
With AmeriCong’s remote support and complicity.
Formerly, the Jews, Vietnamese traitors, and AmeriCong
Used proletariats against us.
Now they’re using red capitalists instead
For money, propaganda, and disruptive operations.

Judaism prevails now in America
Toward an eventual Jewish global supremacy,
Subjecting humanity to Dollarocracy
By deception, conspiracy, and chicanery.
White plutocrats, Blue plutocrats, Red plutocrats.
Dollars on the head, hammer in one hand, sickle in the other
They are trying to subjugate the world,
Transforming it into the blinds’ freeway,
Or, rather, a Jew-controlled American freeway,
Advocating utilitarianism as their raison d’être,
Equating law with violence,
Substituting morality with Big Money.
The Whites, once shaking earth and heavens,
Now enjoy embracing wealthy hook-nosed fellows,
Standing out as great talkers and great lobby takers, too,
Spending more time eating than thinking,
While others think on their behalf.
In sleep, they see no Eagle,
Just a dark blue hexagram flag
Beside a hammer-and-sickle emblem.
A Marxist–Leninist blood red flag
Of those stateless betrayers exiled by God,
Those world-destroying parasites
Using the United States as a throw rug,
A springboard for world domination.
Freedom, democracy, or human rights?
Forget it!
No such things with Jews!
Promptly, they jump in with lobbies to quiet Congress.
Politics, therefore, means venality,
And a political arena means a black society, no more or less,
With accomplices as sovereigns,
With greedy mandarins sleeping with criminals,
The United States seems now helpless.
No more complaints, no more signs of struggle.
It stays motionless inside the octopus’ tentacles
Or Satan’s magic cradle
In lieu of a hanging lasso,
As if rendered unconscious by anesthesia.
It’d be too late even if they awake now.
Then they’d better coexist with the parasites
By going with a day-to-day policy,
Awaiting the upcoming Armageddon.

Jews and Americans brag about their attempt to use economy
To one day whiten Yellow Communists,
While, in fact, Yellow Communists are reddening
Both the United States and the West as a whole.
Plutocrats take in Trojan horses.
Greedy mandarins invite Communist backdoors,
Which are working havoc unchecked
In executing their Communist Party resolutions
On American campuses and Vietnamese media on American soil
While Uncle Sam stays put smiling,
“Leave them alone… it’s freedom of speech.
They were enemies before but now friends.
They were cancer before but now comrades,
Jews’ friends and ours, too.
Jews’ choices mean God’s choices”.
It’s traffickers’ freedom
Having Communist refugees stricken with American sticks.
Those who were betrayed once will continue to be so.
Only dummies take sides with the losers.
It’s wise to tap hips for money.
Who cares when money prevails?
With flags in hand, only idiots stand still.
- "Go ahead with petitions;
'The dogs bark, but the caravan goes by';
Never try the impossible;
Who cares and what use?"
- "Hey listen, bastards…
You're now taking in Communists,
Whereas the wound you gave us forty years ago,
Resulting from you stabbing in our back keeps bleeding."
We suffer two fires from behind:
One from our once common enemy,
The other from our once friends on the battlefield
Who gave us their blood and received ours,
Who claimed to be our allies,
But are now turning their backs, siding with the “winners,”
Lapidating us unnoticed for the sake of money.
Only bad guys go with bad guys,
Only cowards stab friends in the back.
It’s you and Jews who, on the way of our escape,
Left cookies for the enemy to go after us.
Greedy mandarins invite Communist backdoors
While Jews take in Trojan horses.
The Statue of Liberty is now raising a hammer-and-sickle torch,
And step by step, the Eagle’s turning red inside.

Jew-controlled media set the way we go.
Those scoundrels and penny-a-liners are
Unaware of the upcoming national catastrophe,
Just focused on self-interest and the struggle for power,
Indulging in flattery and submission,
No matter how they look in the other’s eyes.
Politicians, whether they are White, Black, Yellow, or Red,
Never look evil in the face,
Just backbiting or beating about the bush, at most,
Vague insinuations for fear of lese majesty.
Even fear of Communists barely parallels their fear of Jews
Simply because Jews are Mafia
Or Goddesses of Yellow Communists.

Those politicians are not unlike wasp-stricken caterpillars.
On top of America, the big ones reign,
And the smaller ones swarm over communication channels,
Over campuses,
Chanting with money from “think tanks”.
As ever, the American system boasts about separation of power,
About checks and balances.
When, in fact, bankocracy rules,
In which the kingship belongs to wealthy Jews.
Bankocracy means Jewocracy;
That’s why humans go blind without physical blindness.
Wealthy high degree holders are all the more dangerous,
For they emerge from such criminal dens as
Princeton, Yale, Harvard.

The World’s Capital is half in Wall Street
And half in Zhongnanhai.

Being nourished by their rancor of the Whites
Jews are now working on American destruction.
They use minorities, immigration, and Communism
As their human wave strategy.
Use debt mountain as a dog leash
To hang America according to Lenin’s prophesy (**).
The Whites are in the process of disintegration,
Transforming themselves into puppets,
Ending up seeing their supremacy usurped
For the first time in history.
Jewry means a superpower system
Of king makers and king killers in America.
Its omnipotent and omnipresent tentacles prevail,
Converting the globe into the blinds’ freeway.
As long as Judaism exists, Communism survives.
Later, though, they will kill each other.
Being both robbers in nature, they have different schemes,
Same means but not same ends.
Only prostitutes make friends with old foes,
Only scoundrels make today’s friends tomorrow’s foes.
Marauders call it “pragmatism”;
Honest men deem it cynicism.
An idiosyncrasy of summary executions in which children
Denounce and humiliate their own parents
Before watching them put to death.
It’s self-ingratiation vis a vis China
For the sake of power and party survival.
It’s a doggish policy of day and night legal robberies
Of properties, souls, spirits, futures, and the hopes of being a man.

People appear to be awake who, in fact, are sleeping,
Seemingly evolving in life while actually in caves,
Or in the Jews’ communication iron networks
Similar to heaven’s omnipresent nets.
The higher degrees they have the more stupid they are.
The wealthier they grow the more bloodsucking they become.
Bankocracy means Jewocracy.
Fifty stars or just a single one?
A hexagram with hammer and sickle in the center
Like a chain strangling the Eagle.
White presidents or Black presidents?
It doesn’t matter… they are all Jews.
All ruling a soft despotism,
All Jew lackeys under Jewocracy (**).
America then goes under shadow governments.
Obama, Clinton, Boehner, McCain, Kerry, Bush
All stand for slavish indoctrination.
If a country belongs to everybody it’s nobody’s responsibility.
The same holds true for the United States.
Everyone motionlessly stares at each other while watching the intruders.
From the Congress to the Pentagon,
From the White House to Supreme Courts,
The criminals are going unchecked
Like on an unmanned planet.
They destroyed the Twin Towers
Then attacked Charlie Hebdo,
Committing genocide under Islam’s guise.
Heads of states kept silent,
With their mouths shut tight.
The easy-going minorities went uninquisitive,
Extolling rulers as ever,
Taking pride in joining such and-such party,
Performing well in a sub-politics comedy,
Going ahead with “comments” that turn out to be garbage
In harmony with obscurantism.
The same holds true for Vietnamese teams on parrotlike radio stations
With their job of blurring the audience’s sight
In an attempt to hide Jewish ogres from view;
Taboos for rulers and big bosses for slaves.
Those Yellow parrots are littering the communications.
Let alone those sleeping “intellect-divines”,
Those speechless walking myths,
Showing up bare-foot in loose clothes,
Spending time looking at themselves in mirrors,
Only budging their lips for verdict-like judgments.
Those are smart guys who self-sanctify,
Let alone those “no politics” guys.
What more would political criminals dream of?
No politics is politics under a criminal ruler’s stick.
It’s complicity for wrongdoers;
It’s not unlike relegating oneself as man
If man is defined as a political animal
With thinking and protesting.
No politics is politics,
But the politics of wasp-stricken caterpillars
With souls decomposing in a seemingly intact body,
Serving as fertilizer for ruthless rulers
If not gathering around a forgetful banquet
Or dragging oneself around in invisible shackles
Or sleeping inside the octopus’ tentacles.
The octopus waves a red flag
While hailing “New World Order”;
An order of prairie wolves
Or of the blinds’ freeway.

“Dissident” Communists are playing marionette;
They once worshipped Ho Chi Minh but now flatter Judas.
AmeriCong have long stood on their side as their benefactors
With the gift of “Spring Big Victory”,
A make-believe cake from the Sino-American coalition
Or the myth of monkeys freed out of the wild,
Out of Hell,
Hailing aloud “revolutionary heroism”.
They might believe themselves the “victors”.
Once in caves, they are now on the blinds’ freeway.
Once on foot, they are now in unmanned vehicles
Controlled from afar.
Look carefully: it’s Jew-styled freedom,
Much better, of course, than Yellow Communists’ shackles;
But they both arise from the same ancestry.
Blind in nature, they be forever so.
They once were thought brought to light;
But they were just sleep walking.
While pretending to open their eyes, they just opened the left
So they didn’t see themselves with the right,
Just seeing their “humanity’s pinnacle of wisdom”,
The caged parrot’s aureole.

As Communist refugees,
We’re indebted to the American people.
Our gratitude, however, should go to the correct destination.
Never say thanks to perfidious Jews,
To their lackeys and antiwar elements.
Never confuse right with wrong.
America’s genuine interest with Jews’ greed
With jBankers and Rothschild Cabal
The world’s top Jew-controlled financial institutions,
Are magic wands for Jewish global domination.
For these bloodsuckers
Wherever they can give out loans
There they have "common interest", cooperation, comradery,
Friendship and slavery
Irrespective of who benefits from those sordid transactions
- Governors of governees -
While they know too well the sole relevant benefactors
Are nobody else than the Vietnamese oligarchy
At the Vietnamese people's expense.
Their power comes from corruption, despotism, cronyism, and idiocy,
Their fertile land and ultimate promised land.
Behind them is a history of bloody hands.
From them come deception and dishonesty.
Some times, they bluff with “China encirclement operations”;
Other times, they brag with “Pivot to Asia”.
Don’t forget the China-United States-Jews diabolic triad.
They appear to be three while they are, in fact, just one,
Using self-replication to fool the Heavens,
Conspiring to nourish wars,
To sell debts, weaponry, and war materials,
Enriching by dividing the world among them.
Jews now are anchoring the United States
In the Middle East as their main support.
“Terrorists”, al-Qaeda, or Islamic State
All turn out Jewish products
They dump out to fuel hostilities
At America’s expense and
As a result of mercenaries’ obligations,
Of a United States slaving out of its debts.
A United States pervaded with Kissingers.
From Congress, the White House, to Judicial,
From media, Internet, to banks,
From Hollywood, to Union, and campuses,
Greedy mandarins sleep with criminals.
That’s why humans are going into darkness,
Onto the blinds’ freeway
Made by Jews and black, yellow, and spotted Communists.

(**) Tzipora Menache, Israeli spokeswoman: "You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can't criticize Israel..."
(**) Robert Gates (Rothschild Conspiracy): "A cabal of financial interests are rapidly driving America toward totalitarianism and Communism... The main purpose of these organizations are to destroy the Constitution as written by our forefathers. The Cabal is using both the Democratic Party and Republican Party as vehicles to advance their one-world agenda."
(**) Thomas Jefferson: "Dispersed as the Jews are, they still form one nation, foreign to the land they live in."
(**) Napoleon Bonaparte: "The evils of the Jews do not stem from individuals, but from the fundamental nature of this people." "When a government is dependent for money upon the bankers, they and not the government leaders control the nation. This is because the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Financiers are without patriotism and without decency."
(**) George Washington: "The Jews work more effectively against us, than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in..."
(**) Benjamin Franklin: "The menace is the Jews... In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated... If you do not exclude them from these United States, in their Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, and jeopardized our liberty."
(*) Vladimir lenin: "The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." 

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